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Photo by Peggy Kline

Training Rates

Full Training with Groom Service: $1100/month

-5 professional services per week in any combination of training rides or lessons.

-Includes full grooming

-Turnout, lunge or Hotwalker for horse on days when no lesson or schooling session is scheduled.

-Care of the horse: coordination of veterinary and farrier visits, blanketing and unblanketing daily, mane pulling and trimming. 

-Coordination of horse show related activities such as hauling, entries, braiding, grooming etc. 

Full Training Without Groom Service: $900/month 

-5 training services per week: 2 professional rides and 3 lessons.

-Rider prepares horse for their own lessons. 

Layup Care: $750/month


-Daily or twice daily hand walking. 

-Treatment per veterinary instructions. 

-Bandaging/stall wraps, daily grooming, mane pulling/trimming, blanketing 
**This service does NOT include riding/tack walking. 

Body clipping is done at trainer's discretion and billed separately. 

First Field Farm is open for training services 7 days a week, and grooming services are available Monday-Saturday. After hours services are available for emergencies, at an additional charge. 

**Ride services/Lessons are non-transferable and not accumulated week to week. 

Board: $575/month
Provided by B&B Stables. Horses are fed two flakes of alfalfa hay per day. Stalls are cleaned daily. Each stall has rubber floor mats and an individual fly spray nozzle. A third flake of alfalfa hay per day is available for an additional $25 dollars per month.

Extra Feed: Based on Market Price
Additional feed fed to your horse as lunch. We offer pellets, beet pulp, equine senior, or other feeds.
Timothy hay or bermuda grass fed to replace alfalfa or supplemental to alfalfa. Price reflects market price of feed.


Supplements: $40/month
Supplements or medications are provided by the owner, and fed to your horse on a daily basis. This is included in your Full Training plan or included in the "Extra Feed" cost. 


10% of purchase price. Horse selection, evaluation and sales with integrity and professionalism. Comissions are also charged on leases. 

Riding School: 
Please see riding school page for riding lesson prices through the school! 

Horse Show Services: 

Please see "Horse show" page for current horse show charges. 


Training Agreement
Current Pricing PDF
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